Republican Party Punishes Florida Over Early Primary

The Republican National Committee has slapped the Florida delegation in the face over the state’s decision to hold their primary early. Florida has usually held their primary later in the year. The early voting is reserved for Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

Under the new sanctions, the Florida delegation will have less guest passes, second class hotel options and low priority seating at the convention for delegates. What makes it even more interesting is that Florida is the State where the convention is being held.

These new sanctions are the latest being leveled against the State of Florida for violating party rules. The State already lost half its delegates for holding a “Winner Take All” Primary before April. Under party rules only proportional elections can take place before April.

Chairman of the Florida GOP, Leonard Curry, released a statement saying he wants to move forward regardless of the penalties.

Curry said in his statement,

“I understand why today’s vote took place and we will continue to work to protect Florida Republicans’ interest at the national convention. With today’s action, I hope that all Republicans can move together, unified and committed to the most important goal we have — the election of a Republican president in 2012.”

Iowa and New Hampshire have already help their caucuses and primary. This coming Tuesday South Carolina will become the first southern state to vote. Mitt Romney has already won Iowa and New Hampshire.

Do you think the GOP is being immature with these latest sanctions?