Montana Boy, 14, Charged With Attempting To Abduct Teacher

A 14-year-old boy from Great Falls, Montana, faces charges of attempted kidnapping for attacking a teacher. The attack took place at North Middle School, where the boy attempted to restrain the teacher and abduct her.

It is believed that the boy was planning to tie the teacher up and rape her. The suspicion of restrained rape was reinforced by contents that were found stuffed in his backpack. It is unknown to what extent he was willing to go to abduct the teacher or what he planned on doing when he was done with her. Attacks on teachers, by students, have become an unnerving trend lately.

The 14-year-old boy, who has remained unnamed due to his age, made an appearance in court on Wednesday. According to the Montana Standard, his bail has been set to $50,000.

According to reports by the prosecution, the boy initiated his attack on Tuesday after school. He donned a hooded sweatshirt and covered his face with a ski mask. When he saw the teacher — who has also remained unnamed — walking in the halls, he grabbed her from behind and muffled her screams with a tissue. After a slight struggle, the teacher was able to free herself and get away without injury.

According to the Daily Journal, the boy’s backpack was found in a trash can. The contents included an array of belts, neckties, random strips of fabric, as well as photographs of women tied up and forcibly restrained. School resource officers reviewed footage of the attack and attempted abduction, and they were quickly able to identify the boy. He was promptly arrested during an after school study group for students who needed extra help on homework.

The boy’s parents were called, and he was interviewed in the presence of one of them. After some time, he eventually admitted to the attack and attempted abduction. He stated that the attack was planned prior to its execution, although he did not reveal what he had planned after her abduction.

Detective Aaron Frick, the school resource officer, did not reveal much about the incident. However, he did share that the boy’s attempted abduction of the teacher was not a lighthearted joke, but instead a nefarious act with which he intended harm.

“I don’t think this was a prank by any stretch of the imagination.”

The boy was not on any previous radars concerning his behavior.

[Photo Courtesy: Toronto Sun]