Dartmouth College President Bans Hard Liquor, Threatens Fraternities

Dartmouth College has enforced a ban of hard liquor for its students on campus.

The ban was announced by the Dartmouth College president on Thursday in response to the tarnished reputation caused by reports of student misconduct and bad behavior, according to the New York Times.

Dr. Philip J. Hanlon announced the new ban of hard liquor during a speech delivered on the Hanover, New Hampshire, campus to alumni, current students, and staff members.

“In the majority of alcohol-induced medical transports, it is hard alcohol – rather than just beer or wine – that lands students on a hospital gurney… Hard alcohol will not be served at events open to the public, whether the event is sponsored by the college or by student organizations.”

According to Dartmouth officials, the ban will become effective on March 30, at the beginning of the spring term. It targets any type of liquor that is at least 15 percent alcohol. Penalties will be increased for people that possess hard liquor, as well as people that offer alcohol to minors.

Dr. Hanlon first arrived at Dartmouth College in 2013 — less than a year after the school had been plagued with national attention resulting from complaints about fraternity practices.

For instance, one article in the student newspaper referred to pledges being required to swim in kiddie pools filled with urine, vomit, fecal matter, rotten foods, and semen.

After investigating the issue further, it was concluded that hard liquor was one of the root causes of those types of instances. According to Dartmouth administrators, that was because of the “pre-gaming” rituals of getting intoxicated with shots of hard liquor before partying. Instead of policing campus parties, Dartmouth officials decided to nip the problem in the bud by cracking down on the drinking.

New draft codes of conduct will be drafted and developed for the school for students as well as groups and fraternities. Hanlon also used his speech to threaten any group or fraternity that fails to “elevate and not denigrate the Dartmouth experience.”

“Organizations that choose not to fulfill these higher standards will not be a part of our community… If the Greek system as a whole does not engage in meaningful, lasting reform, we will revisit its continuation on our campus.”

The speech delivered by Dr. Hanlon on Thursday in reference to the new ban on hard liquor followed the vow that the Dartmouth College president made last April. Hanlon promised to enforce a broad overhaul of on-campus life for students. New York Times reports that Hanlon believed that the college can no longer be held back by the few people that “wrongly hide harmful behaviors behind the illusion of youthful exuberance.”

Most of Hanlon’s speech focused on the school’s new ban of hard liquor along with the Greek system. For instance, he stated that the institution would be working on creating brand new spaces for social activity as alternative options for Greek houses. In addition, Hanlon also confirmed that faculty members will play an instrumental role in residential life. They will also work towards providing students with extensive training when it comes to the prevention of sexual assault.

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