Son’s Unconventional Note To Mother Slamming Cheating Father Goes Viral: ‘Sorry Dad’s An A**hole’ [Photo]

In most cases, cheating creates last effects. While heartache is always a part of the equation, it can be a lot worse when families are disrupted as a result of a parent’s infidelity. One son who was shocked to learn of his father’s infidelity decided to take matters into his own hands in an effort to console his mother. Now, his clever method has gone viral.

The son, presumably named “Ryan,” recently took to Reddit under the user name Citrous_Oyster with an image of card he’d purchased. At first glance, the card looks relatively normal as if it would be suitable for a sick person.

Since he reportedly found the card in the “Terminally Ill” category, one would assume the message in the card would be quite befitting, right? Well, Ryan felt it was also suitable for his “emotionally drained” mother, who probably is “ill” from the lasting effects of his father’s infidelity, reports Elite Daily. However, he decided to change things up a bit with his closing statement!

Here’s what he had to say.

“I found this in the terminally ill section, but I thought it still works. Sorry dad’s an a**hole. — Ryan.”


The short, yet profound, message has definitely caught the attention of many viewers via social media. Many readers found the card’s dual meaning is quite creative. But, of course, others argued the son’s note to his mother was a bit insensitive, because no one probably wants to be reminded about being cheated on.

“As a person who just found out that their SO had another lover for the entirety of our relationship I feel like this is the perfect sentiment. I wish one of my friends had given me this card. I am just going to look at this picture for a bit. It cheered me up,” one reader said.

“The reason there isn’t cards for the occasion is because people who got cheated on dont want a card to remind them they’ve been cheated on…”

What do you think about the son’s message to his mother about his cheating father? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Reddit]