Suitcase Full Of Body Parts Found Near Twitter Headquarters In ‘Extremely Gruesome Crime Scene’

Discarded luggage was found near Twitter headquarters in San Francisco on Wednesday, and upon further investigation, police discovered a gruesome scene. The bloody suitcase actually contained human body parts that had been stuffed inside and just left outside on the street.

NY Daily News reports that the suitcase full of body parts was only about a block away from the Twitter headquarters.

Police were called in around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday to investigate a suspicious package sitting on 11th Street, near Market Street, just beyond the Mission District. The rolling suitcase was sitting with other debris and garbage.

As police searched the area, they found even more body parts spread around. A medical examiner did confirm that the body parts were human, but it was not yet clear if they belonged to a male or female. At this time, the medical examiner wasn’t even sure if it was just one victim or if the body parts belonged to multiple victims.

“Investigators are still searching to determine if there are any other body parts in the area,” police spokeswoman Grace Gatpandan told the Chronicle. “This was an extremely gruesome crime scene.”

USA Today also said that the race of the person or persons was also unknown.

As police began sifting through the body parts in the suitcase, they also came across some other items, but none led them to a suspect. They also did not help in identifying the victim or victims.

“It is unclear at this time if all the remains belong to one victim,” Gatpandan said.

Police have been able to use surveillance footage from nearby businesses and street cameras to see the scene unfold near Twitter headquarters. With that footage, they were able to identify a suspect.

The description of that suspect has not yet been released. Police are “actively attempting to locate this particular person of interest,” said Gatpandan.

Aside from Twitter headquarters, the area where the suitcase full of body parts was found is an up-and-coming tech company location. Many businesses are starting up and beginning to flourish, but it’s also one that has had to deal with a large homeless population.

It is not known just how long the suitcase had been sitting on the street or if anyone else had tampered with it. After locating the suitcase, the block was shut down, and it remained closed late into Wednesday night so the investigation could continue.

A suitcase full of body parts is something that leaves a lot of unanswered questions, and it is even stranger when it is left unnoticed in an area near budding businesses and Twitter headquarters.

[Image via KRON]