Suge Knight: Wanted In Hit And Run Death

Suge Knight, aka Suge “Marion” Knight, 49, is a wanted man tonight for his part in the death of a man in Compton. According to the latest update, Suge Knight turned himself into authorities at the West Hollywood station, where he was arrested on suspicion of murder.

In a press conference, Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that police wanted to question Knight. Corina presented the facts in the case, which were a bit different than what was previously reported.

According to the Daily Mail, Lt. Corina stated that Suge Knight had an argument on the set of the documentary Straight Outta Compton. Suge then followed the men to a separate location [Tom’s Burgers] and intentionally struck them with the vehicle. Witnesses observed the red truck going backward, and then forward. Below, is our original story as the news broke.

TMZ is reporting that rap kingpin and mogul Suge Knight killed Terry Carter with his car. The incident happened on the set of Straight Outta Compton on Thursday, where Knight was said to be filming a project. Terry Carter is said to be a friend of the rapper.

According to the shocking report, Suge Knight, aka Marion Knight, drove up on the set in his vehicle where filming was taking place. That’s when witnesses told TMZ that Suge began arguing with two people on the set. An angry Knight got into the vehicle and ran over the man.

Details are still coming in, but the latest news identifies the victim as Terry Carter. It is not clear what his role was on the set. Another man, Cle “Bone” Sloane, who also goes by the name Cle Shaheed Sloane, suffered only minor injuries in the attack. According to the Internet Movie Database, Sloane acted in Training Day, End of Watch, and Street Kings. In November, the Inquisitr reported that Knight almost died from a blood clot after a jailhouse fall.

Standing a menacing 6-foot-4 and weighing about 315 pounds, Suge Knight’s presence alone is enough to scare even the toughest street person. And the Death Row Records titan has a long, dark history peppered with accusations of assaults, violence, guns, and even murder, as community members and people in the entertainment industry still question his role in the death of Tupac — a role which Knight has always denied.

Here is a brief snapshot of Suge’s run-ins with the law, according to his bio.

1987: Suge Knight is arrested for attacking his girlfriend. That same year, he is arrested for shooting a man and stealing the victim’s car.

1990: Suge is arrested for battery. The charges on the battery case are later dismissed.

1996: Knight violates the rules of his probation and is sent back to prison.

1997: Knight violates his parole again and is sentenced to serve nine years in prison.

2003: He allegedly hits a parking lot attendant. Back to prison he goes.

2008: Suge is arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

2012: The rapper is arrested in Las Vegas after marijuana is found in his possession, and for traffic violations.

News of Suge Knight’s hit and run case comes on the heels of two other cases involving high-profile celebs. Love And Hip Hop’s Benzino was recently arrested at an airport after security found a 9 millimeter in his laptop luggage bag. And just today, it was reported that Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman tried to shove an engagement ring down the throat of his girlfriend. The girlfriend/fiancee told police that Norman tried to kill her by choking her with a scarf.

Here is an old Suge Knight knockout video.

Please check back as we continue to update the Suge Knight hit and run story.

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