‘The 100’ Spoilers: Mount Weather’s Prisoners, Octavia Finding ‘Her Place,’ And The Journey To The City Of Light

Will the attempt to free their people from Mount Weather work for Clarke and Lexa’s groups? The “Sky People” and the Grounders may have a tentative alliance right now on The 100, but it’s not without its problems. There’s no telling how long it will last if they do manage to save their people.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, recent events have forced Clarke to become a real leader, and as a leader, she’s had to make some tough decisions. In the most recent The 100 episode, the Grounders weren’t too happy about just sitting back and waiting for Bellamy to get inside Mount Weather. Instead, they wanted to attack from the outside, even as Clarke protested that they likely wouldn’t even make it there due to the acid fog and Mount Weather’s other defenses.

After Clarke and Lexa escaped a gorilla and both lost people to it, Clarke realized that they can use an army, just not like the Grounders wanted. They have an army inside, locked up, and if Bellamy can do what he set out to do, they have a real shot. What they don’t know, however, is that Bellamy and Lincoln’s end didn’t go according to plan. Lincoln chose his addiction and took the red drug, and Bellamy has been marked for harvest.

According to ET Online, The 100 executive producer Jason Rothenberg pointed out that Bellamy and Lincoln’s plan (kill everyone and go in) wasn’t exactly the best one, and both are going to be in trouble.

“Lincoln’s dealing with some heavy stuff. He’s addicted to the red [drug] so much so that he just imperiled Bellamy. It’s something he’ll deal with for the foreseeable future. For Bellamy, he’s a prisoner now. He’s going to find himself in a bad way moving forward.”

For a look at what’s going to happen to Bellamy in Mount Weather, watch the promo for the next episode, “Coup De Grâce,” below.

Also in trouble in Mount Weather are Monty, who has been captured himself, and Jasper. Rothenberg has revealed that the next episode of The 100 will show what’s going on with them.

“Monty’s screwed in a bad way. Whether he makes it or not, you’ll have to tune in and see. Jasper is going to be at his wit’s end, and that’s a story for the next episode.”

Whatever happens in Mount Weather, it looks like the alliance is going to need that army, and for that, they are going to need some semblance of peace. The problem is that neither side really trusts the other. Kane even asked Octavia to spy on the Grounders, to look out for her people, but it seems that Octavia has found her place with the Grounders.

Rothenberg said that Indra asking Octavia to be her second “is a huge honor to bestow on a Sky Person.” She’s smiling as Indra’s leaves because “she finally has a place,’” as was written in the script, “because she was never accepted.”

“[Octavia] never belonged anywhere. She felt a belonging a little bit with the group on the ground in season one and certainly with Lincoln, and now she’s definitely drawn to the world of the Grounders. Her arc is one of the most exciting on the show. She’ll find her place.”

Not everyone is focused on this mission to save their people from Mount Weather on The 100. In fact, Jaha and Murphy have left for the City of Light. According to the EP, there are going to be sacrifices on this journey.

“What we saw in this episode is the beginning of a journey toward the City of Light that is going to unfold for the rest of the city and beyond. It will take them a while [to get there] and it’s going to be hard. …What they’ll find won’t be what they expect, let’s just say that. All 12 won’t make it ot the end of the light.”

TVLine has also reported that Rothenberg has teased that the Ice Nation is going to play a role in the bigger story of The 100, but not right away.

“They’re part of the Coalition. There are 12 Grounder clans, and right now, the Ice Nation – despite what Lexa said they did to her girlfriend – [was] brought to the table anyway.”

The 100 Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]