Jan Morgan Declares Her Shooting Range A ‘Muslim Free Zone’

Jan Morgan has declared her Arkansas shooting range a “Muslim free zone.” Although she gained a lot of negative attention, the business owner said she stands behind her decision. Morgan contends that she is simply trying to protect herself, her property, and her customers from needless threats.

In an interview with Arkansas Matters, Morgan said she never asks her customers if they are “Mulsim or where they’re from.” Instead, she bases her decisions on their behavior.

However, at least one customer said he and his father were asked to leave the range because Morgan assumed they were Muslim.

Guneev Sharma said he and his father simply “like to shoot guns sometimes.” On January 11, they walked into the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range, only to be stopped and questioned by the owner.

Morgan proceeded to ask the men where they were from and whether they were Muslim. Sharma explained that he and his father were born in India. However, they are now residents of Montana. Furthermore, he explained that his family are Hindu — not Muslim.

Unfortunately, Jan Morgan refused to accept his explanation and asked both men to leave the “Muslim free zone.” The incident gained national attention when Sharma shared the incident via his Twitter account.

Morgan responded to the allegations in a January 14 Facebook post.

“We have a number of people with all colors of skin who shoot here, including Indian / Hindu religion folks who have joined our membership and some of them actually have sought out my services for private training, which I provided.”

Although she denies discriminating against customers based on their skin color or nationality, Morgan stands behind her decision to declare her shooting range a “Muslim free zone.” The business owner discusses the incident that prompted her to ban Muslims from the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range.

“Two men walked in to my range… with allah akbar ring tone and message alert tones on their smart phones. They spoke very little English, one did not have proof of U.S. citizenship, yet they wanted to rent and shoot guns. They were constantly glancing toward the cameras… looking at each other… speaking in their own language. Their behavior was so strange, it frightened my patrons.”

Federal law prohibits business owners from refusing service based on race, color, religion, or national origin. However, the United States Code Title 42 does not apply to “a private club or other establishment not in fact open to the public.”

Jan Morgan’s decision to make shooting range a “Muslim free zone” will likely remain controversial. However, it may be legal, as the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range is a considered a private club.

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