‘Real Housewives’ Star Kim Richards Opens Up About ‘RHOBH’ Drama, Kyle And Brandi Glanville’s Fight

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has taken center stage on the show. Between her friendship with Brandi Glanville, her strained relationship with Kyle, and the questions surrounding her sobriety, fans are dying to know what’s going on with Richards.

In her latest blog for Bravo, the Real Housewives star opened up about her sister’s fight with Glanville and her ongoing health struggles.

“I remember just wanting to leave so badly that I just kept on walking and didn’t even see the physical altercation between Brandi and Kyle. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I mean one is my sister and one is my friend. I wanted to make it right, so I tried to speak to Kyle, but there was so much chaos between her and Brandi. Then the other girls joined in and at that point, I was frustrated and honestly wasn’t feeling well. I just wanted everyone to let me go home!”

As Richards admitted on the show, she had taken pain killers prior to the party because she was reportedly suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia, which landed her in the hospital just one day later.

“On the following day, my pain got even worse, so I spent the whole day getting tests done at the doctor’s. Next evening, I was admitted to the hospital. In my last blog post, I mentioned that I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. Well, the doctor said I had a fractured rib, ruptured disc, and hiatal hernia, which was caused by the increased pressure from coughing. No wonder I was in so much pain before poker night! I was in the hospital for nine days.”

Things on the show may have appeared to hint at a relapse, but Richards insists she’s still sober and healthy.

“If I were not strong in my sobriety today, I could never do the things I’m doing.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, Richards addressed her decision to take pain killers on Twitter after Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After a fan wrote a message to Richards, which read, “I was so disappointed when U took those pills but I understand it’s a disease I wish U well & U R in my prayers, Kim,” she shared her response.

“Thank u Darcy looking back..? Me too!! But I honestly had a reason! I did nothing I shouldn’t have! Nothing u wouldn’t have!”

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