Natalie Dormer As ‘Captain Marvel’? Marvel Executive Teases Casting

A prominent Marvel employee has teased that Natalie Dormer could be cast as Captain Marvel in the studio’s upcoming super heroine adaptation.

Ryan Penagos, who works as Marvel’s Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group and, made this suggestion on his Tumblr blog during a question and answer session.

Penagos answered a series of quandaries that were thrown his way on his website Agent M Loves Tacos. However, rather than giving an answer using actual words, Penagos usually likes to give his responses in the form of a GIF.

And after being asked by one fan, “Can we have Natalie Dormer as Captain Marvel?,” Penagos gave the rather ingenious response of the following GIF.


Now, here are where the really big questions need to be asked. Does the nonchalant swinging of Natalie Dormer eating an apple suggest that she has already been confirmed as the superhero? Does this mean that Penagos knows something about her casting that we don’t?

We won’t be getting any answers to these questions in the near future, but one can only hope that the hugely talented English actress, who has appeared in the likes of Game Of Thrones, The Hunger Games, and Elementary in recent months, will be given a punt by Marvel.

This isn’t the first time that Natalie Dormer has been linked to the hugely coveted superhero role. The 32-year-old actress was asked by Collider, via Yahoo Movies UK, back in November whether she was in line for a leading role in an upcoming Marvel or DC film.

And while her answer far from confirmed her potential involvement in one of these comic-book films, she didn’t deny being interested.

“I’m not going to comment about potential jobs in the future because that’s a rabbit hole to go down and get caught up in, but all I’ll say is I’ll go where the good scripts are. For me, Catching Fire, Game Of Thrones, all my other work, I’ll just go where the good scripts are.”

“I love being part of huge mega blockbusters and I love being a part of small independent films and small stage. I’m just looking at the material. I want to know the character and I want to know the text, and then the decision I make from there.”

Many Marvel fans are adamant that Dormer will be perfect as the super heroine Captain Marvel, whose alter-ego for the studio’s 2018 blockbuster will be Carol Danvers.

[Image via Ace Showbiz]