Teenage Girl Brutally Beaten, Kicked In The Face By Bully, As Classmates Film Attack To Share On Social Media [Video]

Teen violence directly associated with bullying has gotten worse with the evolution of social media. Over the past couple years, there have been many attacks that have surfaced online. Social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, World Star Hip Hop, and Vine have been known to share jaw-dropping footage of many incidents some wouldn't believe unless they viewed it with their own two eyes. Now, unfortunately, another video has surfaced. According to Mirror, footage of a 15-year-old girl was uploaded and shared on V Kontakte, the Russian equivalent to Facebook.

The 30-second video shows the girl, who has been identified as Rima Kovalyova, being physically and verbally assaulted by her classmate, identified as Diana Kozlova. In the video, Kovalyova's hair was pulled and she was knocked to the ground, punched, and kicked in the face by her attacker. Kozlova also shouted and spewed expletives as she wailed in agony. Sadly, no one made an effort to diffuse the situation. Then, to make matters worse, the classmates casually conversed and smoked a cigarette as the girl was hit repeatedly. Eventually, the girl received help.

Warning: Video contains graphic content that may be offensive to some viewers.

Daily Star reports that the girl was transported to the hospital by her mother. However, no details were released in regards to the injuries she sustained or her present condition. A police spokesperson recently released a brief statement in reference to the girl's brutal attack. The investigation will reportedly be ongoing.

"The girl was apparently attacked because other people felt she had said something insulting. We are currently interviewing those that we could identify."
The brutal attack has sparked another debate about whether or not social media platforms should have stricter regulations in regards to graphic content being uploaded. While some viewers unfortunately find most of the incidents comical and see no problem with such graphic content, a recent poll revealed most feel that social media networks should have stricter regulations in regards to the content uploaded and shared with the world.

[Image via YouTube]