New Drake Mixtape: P Reign Insists It’s ‘Some Of The Best’ He’s Heard, Will Be Released In Days?

Drake is now hard at work on a new mixtape, and Canadian rapper P Reign has described it as “some of the best” he’s ever heard from the musician.

There have been various rumors that Drake has been writing and working on new music for the last few weeks. However, neither Drake nor anyone from his OVO camp have confirmed or denied any information on this alleged project.

P Reign has now come out and revealed that Drake is definitely working on a new mixtape, and he’s also heard some of it. In fact, while talking to Karen Civil, via Music Times, P Reign described it as some of the best music that he’s ever heard from his Canadian counterpart.

“I know Drake’s dropping a mixtape that I’ve already heard a lot of and it’s crazy. I think it’s some of the best I’ve heard from him in my life, and I already know because of Drake’s mixtape the world is going to shake.”

P Reign, who is also signed to OVO, isn’t the first person to have teased that Drake is currently working on a new album.

Towards the end of 2014, DeMar DeRozen, who plays professional basketball with the Toronto Raptors, announced that Drake was in the midst of putting the finishing touches on his new album, which, according to BET, will be called Views From the 6. In fact he even insisted that it will be with us by the end of January.

While appearing on NBA TV’s Fan Night in November, DeRozan praised Drake for his support of his hometown basketball side, before teasing its imminent release date.

“It’s incredible having that type of artist of his magnitude be able to support us the way he [does], coming out for games whenever he’s not busy doing his music thing. It’s definitely amazing ‘cuz he definitely really [does] support us, it’s just not for show… I talked to him the other night, actually he said he wants to give me his mixtape that comes out in January.”

During his discussion with Karen Civil, P Reign, who hails from Toronto, admitted that last year was a rather underwhelming year for hip-hop.

“First of all, a lot of the top rap artists didn’t put out nothing. The Jay Z’s, the Kanye’s, the Drake’s — nobody in the top upper echelon of hip-hop put something out so just on that note.”

However, he did note that it wasn’t all bad. P Reign declared that he did love J. Cole’s album, while he also explained that he was a big fan of YG’s debut record, My Krazy Life.

[Image via Vibe]