January 28, 2015
Kate Middleton Reportedly Furious Over Terrible 'Women's Day' Photoshopped Cover

Kate Middleton was the victim of one of the most hideous photoshop fails in recent memory, and now the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly furious at the Women's Day hack job.

The magazine's Australian edition used a photo of Duchess Kate wearing a light blue overcoat and holding a bouquet of roses. But the magazine altered the images, giving Kate Middleton what appeared to be old woman makeup and a twinkling earring.

The end result was called "ghastly" and "creepy," with some comparing Duchess Kate to a zombie.

Kate Middleton, who has become very self-conscious of her image, especially during her difficult pregnancy, was reportedly very upset at the cover.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported the following.

"While Kate Middleton, like most women, feels a little 'off' during a pregnancy, Kate still feels beautiful and feels very comfortable in her own skin, minus any photo enhancements. The Duchess prides herself of being down-to-earth and genuine, not pretentious or self-absorbed in any way. The fact that the mag made changes to her face made her feel as though they were expecting her to be unhappy with her looks. She was appalled, telling friends that she is happy with her looks and doesn't feel she needs to have enhancements done to her photos as they are no longer legitimate. To make matters worse, the mag did a horrendous job of altering her picture, ignoring dark shadows and lines under the eyes, though adding a glimmer to an earring and what seems like a reshaping of her head."
The report added that Duchess Kate has told friends she doesn't approve of altering photos, believing it sends a dangerous message to young women who happen to be highly conscious of their body image.
"The last thing she wanted was for her photo to be altered, most especially since that is against her principals [sic] and the mag made the decision to do so on their own—without her knowledge or approval. Kate Middleton has a reputation for being quite simple—recycling old outfits, wearing very little make-up, etc. She is upset that the magazine took it upon themselves to assume she wanted her photo enhanced and she is not happy with the final product."
Apparently Women's Day got the message. The magazine uploaded a more natural picture of Kate Middleton to its Facebook page within hours of the controversy erupting.