Kate Middleton Gets ‘Ghastly’ Photoshop On The Cover Of Australian ‘Women’s Day’

Kate Middleton is known for her stylish looks and put-together public appearances, but the Duchess of Cambridge looked nothing of the sort on a photoshopped cover of Australian Women’s Day Magazine that has been described as “ghastly.”

The cover used a photo of Kate wearing a light blue overcoat and holding a bouquet of roses, but it manipulated it in a way that made the Duchess look like a creepy replica of herself.

The photo immediately went viral, with publications across the globe picking up on the hack job and Middleton’s bizarre appearance. It was called “ghastly” and “creepy,” with others comparing Duchess Kate to a zombie.

This isn’t the first time that Kate Middleton has suffered a horrifying photoshop. Marie Claire South Africa actually cut and pasted the Duchess’s head and hands onto a fashion model’s body to pretend that she posed for the magazine when she did not.

After readers complained that they had been duped, the magazine explained that the photo wasn’t actually supposed to represent Kate Middleton, but instead a “hyper-real illustration.”

“We were so inspired by her fairytale wedding and her life as a modern-day princess, which is why we elected Kate Middleton as our cover star for the August issue,” editor Aspasia Karras told The Telegraph. “The cover is actually a hyper-real illustration of Kate, meant to be a fan art tribute to fashion’s new royal icon.”

The ghastly Women’s Day photoshop comes after Kate Middleton just lost her stature as the most stylish pregnant woman in Britain. A new poll from the U.K. found Keira Knightley is the most admired pregnant woman in Britain. But the Duchess of Cambridge was a close second, garnering 20 percent of the vote to Knightley’s 26 percent.