Jay Z’s Wife Beyonce Spends $1 Million To Maintain Her Beauty

Jay Z may not want to take a peek at his wife Beyonce’s credit card statements or it might scare him. According to OK! Magazine, the pop superstar spends an astounding $1 million on her beauty regimen.

According to a source, “Beyonce puts herself under extreme pressure to look perfect, never leaving the house without her hair and makeup professionally done.”

The source who spoke to the magazine claimed that when everything’s added up, the singer’s beauty bill totals around $1 million. Presumably, that’s the yearly figure.

So what does $1 million buy Beyonce? That amount gets her a personal spray tan artist, a staff masseuse, skin treatments such as Botox and chemical peels, and loads of skin products. The insider revealed that Beyonce spends as much as $1,000 a day on treatments to keep her skin radiant and flawless.

Is it really true that Beyonce spends $1 million on looking good or is the claim just an exaggeration? Contrary to the source’s claim that Beyonce never goes outside without her hair and makeup professionally done, Beyonce has been frequently photographed looking very natural while out with Jay Z through the years, especially when they’re vacationing. On their recent trip to Cambodia, Beyonce posted a photo of her seemingly without much, or any, makeup on, and her naturally-curly hair set free.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was during their Cambodia vacation that Beyonce sparked fresh pregnancy rumors by posting a photo of her buried in the sand, with a large mound of sand over her stomach as if to depict a pregnant belly.

Then there was the couple’s vacation to Iceland over Christmas, where Beyonce rolled around in the snow without a care in the world, seemingly with a bare face and her hair again left in its natural state.

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In an interview with Elle in June 2010, the singer revealed some of her beauty tips and tricks. Instead of expensive brands and treatments, she said that she relies on items that can be commonly found in the convenience store for a few dollars. She revealed that she goes to bed with Aquaphor smeared on her face, uses bronzer and hairspray from L’Oreal, and does her own makeup for performances instead of relying on a makeup artist. Perhaps her preferences have changed since then?

Of course, Beyonce and Jay Z don’t really have to worry much about what the other spends. In December 2014, Billboard reported that the couple’s On The Run Tour grossed more than $95 million.

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