January 28, 2015
Shannon Beador To Fight For Marriage Again On ‘Real Housewives’ Season 10?

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador may have thought that she had nothing to hide when she was filming her introduction for the previous season of the show, but as season 9 showed viewers around the world, this mother and wife had plenty of things that she didn't address. As the cameras kept on filming, Shannon was dealing with some emotional things, including serious marital troubles.

It didn't make it easier for Shannon Beador when the other ladies heard of the stories and started sharing them with others. Tamra Barney was mostly to blame for this, but Shannon was completely heartbroken over the lack of trust between them. While Beador fought for her husband and started changing her lifestyle around so they could be together more often, it sounds like she may still be fighting for her marriage to this day.

According to several new reports,The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador has been making some big efforts in bringing the romance back into her marriage. For one, Shannon has been eagerly tweeting pictures of herself and her husband since the show ended. More recently, Beador and her husband David went to the movies to see American Sniper and she was quick to share a picture with the world.

"So excited to be at the movies! First time seeing a "non-kid" movie in over ten years! About to see American Sniper!" Shannon Beador revealed to the picture.

It sounds like Shannon really wants The Real Housewives ofOrange County viewers to see that things are going great at home, even though the couple did struggle throughout their first season on television. Even though the Beadors have made changes in their home, it sounds like there is still work to be done.

Two new housewives have joined the cast, one of them being Meghan King Edmonds. She is married to Jim Edmonds, a baseball player. Apparently, Bravo saw potential in Meaghan because of her behavior with David Beador.

"Meghan was present, and she was a bit flirtatious with Shannon Beador's husband, David, which did not please Shannon one bit," one source has revealed about Meaghan's present at Heather Dubrow's western party last season.

This could be dramatic for Shannon, especially if David continues to flirt with the other housewives. As for Shannon herself, she is slowly moving on from the drama last season. According to the Inquisitr, Beador has revealed that divorce is not an option for her, so she will continue to fight her way through the drama. As for Tamra and forgiving her, Beador just needs time.

"Especially with Tamra, I just need some time. Time heals all wounds. I don't believe in holding on to negative energy and the past," Shannon recently revealed in an interview.

Do you think it is fair to set Shannon Beador up like that? Do you think her marriage will survive?

[Image via Instagram]