GoDaddy Pulls 2015 Super Bowl Commercial: Sick Plot Pokes Fun At Puppy Mills, Draws Huge Uproar [Video]

This year's GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial is being pulled from the roster after it was released it online Tuesday. As promised, it definitely wasn't the company's "Hallmark" traditional theme.

A thrush of criticism flooded the domain and website hosting company for its 2015 Super Bowl commercial, so GoDaddy pulled the ad titled, "Journey Home." It centers around a Golden Retriever puppy named Buddy and how his owners benefit from using a website created the famous company.

Video of GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad is seen below.

The Inquisitr wrote on the hype Danica Patrick placed on the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial and how the company emphasized it didn't have it's usual theme -- turning it "upside down" on viewers.

They were so right about that.

Buddy, the Golden Retriever puppy, is in the back of a pickup with his other siblings. He's suddenly thrown from the truck and forced to find his way back home, hence the title, "Journey Home." The dog battles a host of challenges... long roads, rain, and being alone. When the pup finally gets back to the farm, his owner scoops him up and they seem momentarily happy to see each other until the woman devilishly tells him she's happy about selling him off, thanks to a website by GoDaddy. Danica Patrick is seen driving a van that the owner places the pup in. The van door shuts and that's the end.

As TMZ reports, GoDaddy pulled the commercial they paid $4 million for to air in a 30-second spot.

GoDaddy CEO, Blake Irving, assured critics that their messages were heard loud and clear.

"What should have been a fun and funny ad clearly missed the mark and we will not air it."
Irving further revealed that the puppy featured in the commercial came from a reputable, loving breeder from California in real-life. Buddy is part of the GoDaddy company and affectionately holds a position titled "Chief Companion Officer."

A petition for the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial was created on in an effort to remove the advertisement. The petition received 42,000 signatures in just one day.

People aren't amused by GoDaddy's idea of humor in this one at all.

Dog lovers and animal rights activists have lashed out at the domain hosting company over their choice of entertainment for this year's game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

It's unknown what GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial for 2015 will air at this time. The game is four days away.

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