Bob Newhart Blossoms At Tulip Fest, Talks ‘Big Bang Theory’ And Robin Williams [Video]

At 85, Bob Newhart doesn’t intend to let his talent wither away for lack of use. So whether it’s the chance for the comedy legend to joke with Jimmy Kimmel or to take on a role in the Big Bang Theory, Newhart is ready, willing, and very, very funny. His latest gig? Entertaining the crowds at the 2015 Tulip Time festival as a replacement for comedian Bill Engvall, reported MLive News.

Held in Holland, Michigan, Tulip Time will showcase Newhart’s talents at 7 p.m. Friday, May 8, at Central Wesleyan Auditorium. The opportunity to take on the tulip celebrators follows Bob’s Emmy Award for his guest star roles on The Big Bang Theory.

When Newhart won that Emmy, it marked the first of his career, according to The Wrap. Bob praised the Big Bang Theory cast for their kindness in welcoming him, despite his initial trepidation.

“There was some apprehension, but that was immediately dispelled by the cast. They were just so … They couldn’t have been nicer. They just went out of their way and the writing staff and the crew … whatever apprehension I had was gone within the first two minutes.”

And although Newhart admits that when he reflects, he succeeded in what’s known as the Golden Age of Television, he never thought about his era as such.

“Well, there was a Golden Age, I guess, except we weren’t aware of it, you know? It was that Saturday night lineup of All in the Family, and M*A*S*H, and Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett. Our focus was on making the show work and not … we weren’t going around saying, ‘How are you enjoying the Golden Age of television?’ Looking back, it was the Golden Age.”

As a comedian, Newhart says that he had great respect for Robin Williams. Musing upon Robin’s tragic suicide, Bob emphasizes the comedic talent that enabled Williams to make others laugh even as he felt depressed.

“It’s amazing how much he made people laugh on the outside when there was so much pain on the inside,” said Newhart of Robin.

As the Inquisitr reported, Bob Newhart isn’t the only celebrity to guest star on The Big Bang Theory. When it comes to the most popular episodes of the show, Leonard Nimoy’s “cameo” ranks as the favorite.

“The [Leonard Nimoy] DNA napkin is such a hugely iconic moment in the show,” confessed executive producer Steve Molaro. “It’s hard to think about topping it.”

Watch below and see if you agree.

[Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]