2013 Ford Fusion unveiled at Detroit auto show

Ford pulled back the curtains on the new and improved 2013 Ford Fusion, its flagship sedan, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week, and it’s clear that Ford aimed to pull no punches with the new Fusion.

In fact, Ford says that the 2013 Ford Fusion represents the “new face of Ford”, and it’s admittedly a pleasant face to look at. The Fusion has seen an overhaul in its design, now having a distinct sleek European-style design with a grille that appears to be a mix between a Aston Martin Virage and a One-77, CSM points out.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Ford intends to offer several versions of the 2013 Ford Fusion, including a hybrid, which the company expects will get around 47 miles per gallon in the city, and a plug-in hybrin, dubbed ‘Fusion Energi’. All in all there will be about five different models, with FWD/AWD options and, of course, two transmissions.

“The majority of people near-term are going to hybrids. They’re just so flexible,” said Ford chief executive Alan R. Mulally at a press conference on Monday. Mulally went on explain that Ford intends to offer a wide variety of options, giving the company “greater flexibility” to “meet market demand”.

Ford isn’t talking about pricing just yet, but a representative told AP that the price should be at or around the current Fusion’s, which starts at $20,200.