8-Year-Old Boy Goes To St. Louis School With Gunshot Wound — Mother Also Shot

A young eight-year-old boy showed up to his school in St. Louis on Tuesday morning and immediately told a school official that he was injured. It turns out that his injury was actually a gunshot wound, and it was an injury that he had suffered during a shootout between his mother and stranger at home.

Fox News reported that the boy had told school officials that his mother was at home and she had also been shot.

It appears as if the boy was at home with his mother on Tuesday morning when a man attempted to forcefully enter through the front door. A 39-year-old male resident at the home was confronted by another man, who tried to push his way inside their home.

As the male resident tried to keep him out, the boy’s mother went and grabbed a gun and started exchanging shots with the suspect.

During the back-and-forth gunfire, the 35-year-old mother was shot in the leg and a stray bullet ended up grazing the child’s ankle.

After shots went from both weapons, the unidentified suspect left the residence and proceeded to steal the family’s vehicle. It was not known if he was injured or not during the exchange of gunfire.

The vehicle was running already because the male resident had gone outside and started up the vehicle to warm it up. He then went back inside and that was when the fighting began.

Once that was all over, a neighbor took the eight-year-old boy to school and was not aware of anything that had happened or that he had a gunshot wound. She had been flagged down by the male resident and he asked her to take his two children to school for him.

Officers arrived on the scene after reports of gunfire, per the STL Today. Police believe that drugs found in the home were the motive for the attempted home invasion and shootout.

Large quantities or marijuana, baggies, and scales were found by police.

Police arrived on the scene around 8:40 a.m., but they found no victims in the home. Ten minutes later, they received a dispatch that there was shooting victim at the St. Louis Language Immersion School about a mile from the scene.

Later on Tuesday, police located the stolen Dodge Charger, which had been abandoned, and the suspects were at large.

The boy and his mother are said to be in stable condition. The gunshot wound to the eight-year-old boy was not too bad, but the mother had been seriously injured. She is expected to survive.

[Image via David Carson — Post-Dispatch]