Anna Duggar Having Twins? Anna Duggar Officially Announces Her Due Date, Discusses Possibility Of Twins

Tara West

Josh and Anna Duggar recently announced that they are expecting their fourth child. The D.C. Duggars gave an official due date estimate, but never announced the actual due date to fans. However, with Anna now further along in her pregnancy, the couple has announced the official due date and is sharing some more details on the pregnancy. As an added bonus, Anna has said that the possibility of twins has not been ruled out.

According the the Duggar Family Blog, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are ready to welcome at least two more grandchildren into the massive Duggar family this year. Jill Dillard is pregnant with a baby boy, who is expected to make his debut in approximately eight weeks. Anna Duggar is also pregnant and will be ushering in the second Duggar grandbaby for the year. However, the Duggar Family Blog notes that if Anna is pregnant with multiples or if Jessa and Ben Seewald announce a pregnancy this year, there could be potentially more Duggar grandbabies on the horizon for 2015.

"In 2015, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will welcome at least two more grandchildren into their family. If Jessa and Ben Seewald make a pregnancy announcement, or if Josh and Anna Duggar find out they are having multiples, the Duggar clan could grow even more."
"[I am] nine weeks pregnant, and having a lot of morning sickness... so it is difficult, but it's good because I know that good things are happening."
"We spoke with Anna a few weeks ago, and she had not yet ruled out the possibility of twins."

What do you think about Anna Duggar's pregnancy? Are you hoping to see some twins added to the D.C. Duggar family?