Bowe Bergdahl: Desertion Charges Will Be Levied Against Soldier, According To Bill O’Reilly’s Show

Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion for leaving his Army post in Afghanistan in 2009. Bergdhahl was awarded the rank of sergeant during the five years he was held captive by the Taliban. President Obama, without the approval of Congress, traded five Taliban prisoners being held at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, for Bowe Bergdahl last May. This trade sparked both political controversy and backlash from the men who served with and searched for the missing soldier.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer told Bill O’Reilly of The O’Reilly Factor of Fox News that Bowe Bergdhal’s attorney had been given a detailed list from the articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice noting the regulations which Bergdahl has reportedly violated.

“His attorney was given what we call a charge sheet. A charge sheet is results of the investigation listing out the articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that have been violated. The key violation is desertion. And this has been done. The decision has been made. Let me be very clear. As a corporate entity, the Army has decided that they want to pursue Bergdahl for this violation,” Shaffer said during an O’Reilly Factor segment on Monday evening. “This is shaping up to be a titanic struggle behind the scenes,” he said. “Believe me, the Army here wants to do the right thing … And the White House, because of the political narrative, President Obama cozying up to the parents and because he, President Obama, releasing the five Taliban … The narrative is what the White House does not want to have come out.”

Bowe Bergdahl spend several weeks recuperating at a military hospital in Germany and was then transported to the Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston. The accused deserter was then placed on administrative duties at Fort Sam Houston while awaiting a decision in his case.

Bowe Bergdahl allegedly called his unit post in Afghanistan the day after he went missing to tell them that he was deserting. The man swapped for the Gitmo Five also allegedly wrote his father, Bob Bergdahl, and referred to America as “disgusting” and shared other unflattering statements about the war and his role in the conflict.

An Associated Press report revealed 2010 Pentagon investigation file which reportedly concluded that Bowe Bergdahl had simply walked away from his unit in Afghanistan, prompting the Army not to “exert extraordinary efforts” to rescue him from the Taliban. The Pentagon report was premised on details offered by a former Defense Department official involved with the case.

Sergeant Evan Buetow, who fought with Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon in Afghanistan, stated during a radio interview that the man swapped for five Guantanamo Bay detainees made a premeditated decision to desert the Army and meet with the Taliban.

Bowe Bergdahl was deemed a deserter by the men serving with Darryn Andrews, according to the slain soldier’s grieving parents. Lt. Andrews was allegedly killed while searching for Sergeant Bergdahl. The slain soldier’s commander reportedly told dad Andy Andrews that the soldier was killed while searching for a Taliban commander, the parents have since been told the information is untrue.

Darryn Andrew’s parents now feel that the Bowe Bergdahl Taliban Dream Team swap is nothing more than a cover-up, comparing it to Benghazi. Men who claim to have served with Bergdahl have told multiple media outlets that they were forced to sign non-disclosure agreement about Bergdahl’s disappearance and have kept their silence until the man they feel is a deserter, traitor, or collaborator, was hailed as a hero by President Barack Obama.