January 28, 2015
New 'Final Fantasy XV' Screenshots Are Stunning, Shows Off Fluid Combat Style

Some new screenshots of the upcoming RPG Final Fantasy XV have been released by developer Square Enix today. The screens shots seem to be taken from the middle of the game's combat, which also reminds us of how stunning visuals can truly be.

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Final Fantasy XV is likely one of the more highly-anticipated games to be coming out, even though there is no release date set as of yet. Being developed for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on the new Luminous Engine, the game looks to be one of the few truly stunning games on the next-gen hardware. While normal combat in Final Fantasy games has been your typical turn-based "stand-and-fight" combat of RPGs past, the series has been known to tinker with that formula to varying success.

Final Fantasy XII, for instance, allowed you to see the monsters you'd encounter on the overworld map, a change from having each combat encounter to be completely random. By allowing you to see what you'd be fighting, it also gave you the chance to try and avoid combat, something normal games in the Final Fantasy-vein have been less inclined to do.

According to Kotaku, Final Fantasy XV will use a fluid Active-battle system. Instead of going through menus and assigning commands, you will be pressing the button mapped on the controller for the corresponding action, much like what we've seen from Square Enix in Kingdom Hearts and will with the upcoming port of Final Fantasy Type-O. The combat was shown in the screenshots mirrors closely that on display during Final Fantasy XV's gameplay reveal at TGS 2014.

When the first footage of Final Fantasy XV was leaked online, many thought the game looked "too good to be true," as reported by the Inquisitr previously. Gamers have right to be suspicious of footage, as previous games have done this same thing. The Tokyo Game Show footage dispelled these rumors, allowing players to revel in full, in-engine gameplay showcasing the rendering power of the upcoming Lunimous Engine.

While players have the demo to look forward to later on this year, there are some aspects that has made Final Fantasy XV appealing taken out of the demo. Most will be happy to simply get their hands on the next major installment of the Final Fantasy series.

No release date has been given for Final Fantasy XV, but players itching to get their Final Fantasy fix can rest assured. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, a port of the 2011 PSP game, will release this March on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

[Images via Square Enix]