40 Pet Dogs Go Missing In Two Months From Sleepy Texas Town, No One Knows Why

At least 40 pet dogs have vanished from Wise County in Northern Texas over the past two months, and while there are plenty of grieving owners, there are no clues as to who might be stealing these beloved family pets.

One dog owner, Robin Lewis, who lost her black Labrador, Jack, recently, told reporters, “I’m horrified. It’s been really difficult trying to explain Jack’s gone, and are we ever going to see him again? They’re heartbroken. I’m heartbroken. My husband’s heartbroken.”

And on the same day that Jack went missing, Decatur Mayor Martin Woodruff lost his daughter’s pit bull and Great Dane, who both vanished from Woodruff’s fenced-in back yard. “Police dispatch said after several hours that this is very unusual,” said Woodruff.

Lewis also agrees that the circumstances of the dogs disappearance is peculiar. “I think it’s very suspicious that three very large, friendly dogs disappear in the same neighborhood at the exact same time,” she said.

According to the Wise County sheriff, an unexplainable 40 canines have mysteriously vanished since November 2014, even though there’s no physical evidence that proves the dogs were taken.

As Mayor Woodruff added, “It’s really disheartening to think that there are people out here that would do this,” while to Lewis’ mind, “It begs the question of where are these dogs going? And who’s taking them? And what are they doing with them?”

It was only when Lewis posted her plight on Facebook that she realized that she wasn’t the only Wise County resident who was missing a pet dog or two.

Around the same time, Cassidy McKibben’s four-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Lily, went missing, “I noticed that my fence was messed up, and I have posted something everyday since she’s been gone,” McKibben said.

For now, the only lead is a suspicious car which was spotted in Lewis’ neighborhood the day Jack went missing.