World War 3: Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Upgraded, U.S. Missile Defense Can’t Stop Them, Claim Russians

Both the Russian and U.S. military continue to stoke World War 3 fears, with a Russian deputy prime minister now claiming that Russia’s nuclear weapons cannot be stopped by U.S. missile defense systems in the event the new Cold War becomes hot.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the U.S. Navy railgun system being tested over the next several years has a projectile which is claimed to be capable of knocking a cruise missile out while in flight. The Russian Navy has also increased their production rate for Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet, with the Russians planning on laying out five subs while the U.S. Navy is only shooting for two in 2015.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is overseeing the modernization of Russia’s nuclear weapons capabilities and during a talk show on the state-run Rossiya 1 television channel boasted that Russia had managed to develop a new technological breakthrough which will somehow overcome any U.S. missile defense system.

“We will not disclose those technical details to anybody,” Rogozin said, according to The Moscow Times. “But I can tell you one thing: The work conducted today on combat missile technologies … shows that neither the current, nor even the projected American missile defense system could stop or cast doubt on Russia’s strategic missile potential.”

This technical achievement could be a potential game-changer. Former member of Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov recently claimed a “hot war” like World War 3 was very possible, but also gave an insight into the current state of Russia’s nuclear technology. Ivashov claims that if Russia ever preemptively used tactical nuclear weapons then this effort would fail since the U.S. military has positioned high-precision vehicles using the AEGIS Ballistic Missile System in strategic locations.

“Thus, the Americans plan to destroy our remaining ballistic missiles in the boost phase of their flight. For these purposes, the Americans create this missile defense. Afterwards, AEGIS systems will disable the warheads of the missiles that have been launched. The Americans do their best to devalue the Russian nuclear missile potential. And they can succeed.”

In the past, Rogozin has claimed that U.S. nuclear missile defense systems posed a security threat to Russia when he served as the Russian ambassador from 2009 to 2011. The United States officially maintained that any attempt to strengthen missile defense systems in Europe was designed to protect NATO allies from the potential threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons. In response to concerns expressed by Russia, the U.S. agreed to switch their focus for missile defense from land to sea.

The annexation of Crimea and the continuing Ukraine crisis have changed everything, though. Members of the U.S. Congress claim that Russia’s nuclear weapons may be in Crimea already, and others allege the actions of Vladimir Putin’s government amount to an “invasion.” In response, it’s being recommended that the U.S. military should deploy “new sites for the deployment of dual-capable aircraft and forward-deployed nuclear weapons.” U.S. officials have also suggested the Pentagon is seriously considering the possibility of stationing land-based cruise missiles in Europe.

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