‘Pump Rules’ Drama: Lisa Vanderpump Says Tom Sandoval ‘Looked A Little Guilty,’ Kristen Doute Was ‘Rude And Disrespectful’

The Pump Rules drama on Monday night’s episode reached an all-time high when Annemarie Kunkel, who claims to have had an affair with Tom Sandoval in Miami, arrived to SUR Lounge.

During the episode, Kristen Doute and a friend watched as Kunkel walked up to the bar and confronted Sandaval with allegations of their reported hookup. Although Sandoval, along with girlfriend Ariana Madix, darted out of SUR as soon as he laid eyes on Kunkel, he eventually returned and addressed her claims, insisting nothing happened between them.

Meanwhile, Scheana Marie confronted Doute on the patio of SUR, which ultimately led to Doute fighting with her manager, Diana.

“What an explosive episode!” Vanderpump wrote in her Bravo blog on January 26. “Kristen is pretending to be upset at listening to this story, but really, she couldn’t be happier. This is music to her ears.”

“I saw Tom’s heart almost jumping out of his shirt when he first laid eyes on that girl on the other side of the bar. I don’t like it when I see Tom Sandoval just hightail it out of there. I’d have more respect for the situation if he stood his ground, if he really had conviction. Otherwise, it kind of looked a little guilty to me if I’m honest. I have to say, it’s highly unlikely that a girl would travel all the way across the country to scream at somebody that ‘You slept with me’ if it didn’t happen. I’m just saying! She claims that, you know, he has a small situation down there and that he shaves everything. I mean, I don’t want to know. I’m definitely getting too much information from this scene, but all I’m saying is if he does shave his forehead, I guess he could shave anything.”

Although there’s certainly a possibility that the Pump Rules drama between Sandoval and Kunkel did, in fact, happen, there has been no solid proof provided, other than Kunkel’s own claims.

“When I saw Kristen be so blatantly rude and disrespectful to Diana, it absolutely makes me see red. Diana is a very good manager, and she deserved a lot more respect than that.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, there could be more Pump Rules drama for Doute on the way. In a sneak peek, Vanderpump was seen deliberating whether or not she should keep Doute employeed at her restaurant.

“Kristen has been here seven years. Time and time again we make an excuse for her and we let her back and she’s got so many problems, but now what do you do? You cannot have her disrespect management,” Vanderpump explained.

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