WWE: Brock Lesnar’s Injury Status Is Real, How This Affects His Fast Lane And WrestleMania 31 Schedule

Brock Lesnar’s injury sustained during the triple threat match is real according to the Beast, who brushed off the idea that he could not handle wrestling with a broken rib. But if the Paul Heyman guy is injured, how will this affect Lesnar’s match schedule and plans for WrestleMania 31 and Fast Lane?

In a related report from Inquisitr, if too many people cancel WWE Network it’s possible Vince McMahon could put further WWE layoffs back on the table in order to cut costs even further.

Originally, Monday Night RAW was supposed to follow up on WWE Royal Rumble 2015 in Hartford, Connecticut, but the so-called “snowmageddon” of 2015 put those plans on hold. Reports say Brock Lesnar managed to skip town back to Minnesota when word of heavy snow reached him, but he also made an appearance with Paul Heyman for an interview held from the WWE TV studios in Stamford.

First off, Michael Cole interviewed Seth Rollins and the wrestler admitted he underestimated Lesnar while also claiming the Beast underestimated him, as well. Rollins brought up his Money In The Bank briefcase as a “Plan B,” claiming that Lesnar doesn’t have any other plans besides just being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Things get a little interesting when Rollins refuses to give up the interview chair to Lesnar, with Rollins staging a fit by dusting off the seat only to knock it over.

Right off the top, Cole brings up Brock Lesnar’s injury, asking if the wrestler really did suffer from a broken rib when Seth Rollins took him through the Spanish announcers’ table with a flying elbow. Lesnar claims he has continued to fight in the past while being injured, and Royal Rumble was no different.

Unfortunately, the exact nature of Brock Lesnar’s injury was never specified, although if it is real then at most he would have sustained a fracture or a bruising of the muscle lining. A fully broken rib would have been dangerous in a wrestling match since the sharp end of broken bone could potentially puncture internal organs.

So is Brock Lesnar’s injury real or kayfabe? The WWE universe seems divided on this one. Lesnar spent a good 10 minutes laying on the ground while WWE doctors inspected him. At one point the referee spoke to the doctors, and then whispered something to both John Cena and Seth Rollins. Some fans believe the script had to be reworked on the fly, and Cena and Rollins essentially wasted time until Lesnar could pop up and quickly end the match, allowing him to keep his WWE title belt as planned. Others believe the injury is completely fake since the WWE wellness policy shouldn’t have allowed him to continue, although it’s possible the reference to a “broken rib” was simply a generic term instead of an accurate description.

Assuming the injury is real, how could having Brock Lesnar injured affect any plans for WrestleMania 31? Probably very little, since a fractured rib takes about six weeks to heal. Lesnar has two months to rest up until the big event, although his WWE schedule does call for him to show up at WWE Fast Lane. It’s currently unknown what Lesnar will be doing, but it’s already been stated that Lesnar’s next title defense will not be until WrestleMania 31. This means he will probably have a simple on-screen appearance and may have a confrontation with Roman Reigns, assuming Vince McMahon and Triple do not scrap those plans after the Royal Rumble fallout.