Michael Moore And Seth Rogan Banned From Restaurant For Comments Against ‘American Sniper’

One of the most controversial films of the year has been American Sniper, which has left critics and movie-goers arguing over whether the movie’s subject, Chris Kyle, should be hailed as a hero or a mass-murderer. One of the public figures to stand firmly against American Sniper and how it presents Chris Kyle as a sympathetic hero is Michael Moore, who famously called snipers “cowards” in a recent tweet. Because of his bold stance against snipers and the film’s presentation of them, Michael Moore has been “officially” banned from a Michigan steakhouse.

According to Medialite, Thomas Brann, the owner of Brann’s Steakhouse and Grille in Grand Rapids, changed his restaurant’s sign to read “Michael Moore and Seth Rogan [sic] are NOT allowed in my place.” That’s right, Michael Moore isn’t the only one getting flack for criticizing American Sniper. Seth Rogen also recently tweeted about American Sniper, comparing the film to Nazi propaganda.

Some Americans have sided with Michael Moore and Seth Rogen in their opposition to what the film stands for, while others (particularly those in the right wing) take extreme offense to the insults thrown at American soldiers. Thomas Brann is among the bunch who found Michael Moore’s words appalling and made an effort to speak out against them.

“For 43 years I’ve been a small business man because of the Chris Kyles of the world and I have a right to not serve the Michael Moores and the Seth Rogens,” said Brann. “That guy is an American hero.”

Those who side with Michael Moore cite the memoir of Chris Kyle himself, on which American Sniper is based. In the book, Chris Kyle boasts about killing 255 people, admits he loves the act of killing and confessed that he didn’t “give a f*** about Iraqis.” While many have accused the movie of glorifying Chris Kyle’s actions, Michael Moore is one of the few to take the criticism a step further and apply it to all American snipers. Both Michael Moore and Seth Rogen have since tried to clarify their inflammatory statements about American Sniper, but some like Thomas Brann will not be quick to forgive them.

According to the Huffington Post, Brann set up the sign last week, the moment he heard Michael Moore’s comments about the Oscar-nominated film. Brann spoke to the Huffington Post and voiced his opinion on Michael Moore and Chris Kyle.

“Chris Kyle is an American hero and what he represents to me is the goodness of America and the people who defend it. He was doing his job and he was doing it great. The remark was offensive, and if Chris Kyle was still alive he would handle Michael Moore in a minute. Chris Kyle’s family, why do they have to hear it? To me, that’s really hurtful.”

What do you think about the comments made by Michael Moore and Seth Rogen?

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