First Time Mother, 56, Dies Just Days After Giving Birth To Twins Following 30 Years Of Trying To Conceive

Tara West

A new mother who had longed for children for over 30 years passed away just seven days after giving birth to twin boys. Lisa Swinton McLaughlin, from Baltimore, Maryland, was 56-years-old when she birthed twin baby boys and passed away shortly thereafter.

The Daily Mail reports that the mother had spent a decade going through various fertility treatments in hopes of having children of her own. After 10 long years, Lisa's dream came true and she found out she was not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived with Lisa passing away just seven days after her babies' births.

Lisa had given birth via cesarean section on December 27 to sons, Jordan and Dylan. However, on January 4, just seven days after the boys birth, McLaughlin was dead. McLaughlin had been suffering through pain that she thought was a result of her cesarean section; however, the pain was from a bowel obstruction that would claim her life.

Lisa's husband, Mike McLaughlin, says that Lisa was on "cloud nine" after she gave birth to the boys.

"She was just on cloud nine. That's the happiest I've probably seen her in my life. She wanted what every other woman had, and that's children."

Omaha reports that the twins were born prematurely and weighed just three pounds, but were surprisingly healthy. Lisa was able to hold, cuddle and love on her babies before her unexpected death. Mike says that "death wasn't even in her vocabulary." He knows that Lisa thought she would live to see her babies reach adulthood; however, that wasn't the case.

For Mike, he is now faced with raising the two boys alone. He says once the babies are able to leave the neonatal intensive care he will have help from a nanny. However, since he is retired and his wife is no longer with him, he will most likely move back to his hometown in Nebraska to be closer to his adult son and other family members can help out.