Snowmageddon 2015: Survival Tips From America’s Top Preparedness Experts

Tara Dodrill - Author

Dec. 27 2017, Updated 2:50 a.m. ET

Snowmageddon 2015 has begun in New York, New Jersey, and along the East Coast. Approximately 50,000 residents are expected to be impacted by the blizzard of 2015. Power outages, if they occur, could last from days to one week, according to breaking news updates from news correspondents shivering along the roadways as they share images of the falling snow with viewers.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio told residents that “the time to prepared is now” about 24 hours before the first snowflake hit the ground in the metropolis he is tasked with leading. Grocery store shelves emptied within a few hours of the blizzard of 2015, clearly indicating that many were likely to go hungry if snowmageddon 2015 is as horrific as predicted, at also that the time to prepared had long since passed.

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If a power grid down scenario develops in the blizzard of 2015 region, millions of Americans without generators, fireplaces, or wood stoves will be in danger of contracting frostbite, hypothermia, and will be unable to heat their food or bottles of formula for babies in the household. Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo urged residents to “check on their neighbors” during the blizzard and to look out for one another, noting that help would be on the way.

If no one in the neighborhood has stocked up on food and water and has no emergency heat source or medical supplies, exactly how one well-meaning neighbor can help another remains unclear. First responders are true local heroes, but when a significant portion of a disaster area home to 50 million people need assistance, the help which is on the way might just not get there in time.

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The Inquisitr sat down with some of the most respected and educated survival experts in the United States to garner some potentially life-saving snowmageddon 2015 blizzard preps.

Rick Austin, AKA the Survivalist Gardener, is a permaculture expert and author of the bestseller, Secret Garden of Survival and The Secret Greenhouse of Survival. Austin is nationally renowned for his agriculture skills and insights. Austin left the corporate world behind to live off the grid in North Carolina several years back. Rick is the creator of Prepper Camp, a critically acclaimed and hands-on self-reliance event held over the course of three days in the North Carolina mountains. Austin traveled across the country to speaking engagements designed not to sell products but to educate others about the crop growing habits of our ancestors.


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