Teacher Viciously Slaps Little Girl Who Didn’t Finish Her Lunch, Assault Caught On Surveillance [Video]

A kindergarten teacher is in hot water after a surveillance camera captured her viciously slapping a 4-year-old student. According to the Korean Observer, the teacher, who has only been identified by the last name Yoon, became infuriated when the little girl did not finish all of her lunch. It is unclear why the child refused to finish her food, but what is definitely clear is the teacher’s jaw-dropping act of retaliation.

According to the date on the surveillance, the disheartening incident took place on January 8. The 26-second clip begins with what appears to be a verbal exchange between the child and the 33-year-old teacher. But, in less than five seconds, the footage takes a disturbing turn as the teacher hauls off and viciously slaps the poor child with an open hand. Although the audio for the video is disabled, it’s not hard to see that the child was hit extremely hard. As a matter of fact, the child was hit with such force that she was knocked to the ground. Then, to make matters worse, the child proceeds to pick up and eat the food she spat as a result of being slapped.

A Songdo, Incheon, police officer recently shared details about the incident with the news outlet. The shocking incident is currently being investigated, and the head of the school will also be questioned.

“We were tipped yesterday that a kindergarten teacher, whose last name is Yoon, beat a student. We are examining the CCTV footage from the kindergarten to check whether it was an isolated case or the physical abuse occurred on other occasions as well.”

Police are considering arresting the teacher on charges of child abuse. But, unfortunately, it has not been reported that criminal charges have been filed as of yet. Fox 13 Now reports that the investigation will be ongoing.

[Image via YouTube]