Juan Pablo Galavis Pokes Fun At Andi Dorfman After Josh Murray Split

Juan Pablo Galavis has tried to stay away from all things related to The Bachelor since his season ended, but he decided to poke a little bit of fun at Andi Dorfman when she posted about being sad on Twitter. Andi sent out the tweet to her followers on Sunday night.

America first saw Andi on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor last year. Andi made it to the top three contestants, but everything fell apart after Andi and Juan Pablo’s overnight date. Juan Pablo was just a pretty face with no substance, and that was not what Andi wanted.

Andi dishing out what she thought of him during their post-overnight talk did not bother Juan Pablo. In fact, for every dig she sent his way, he shrugged and said, “It’s OK.”

Now, Juan Pablo has done it again, and he knows just how angry it makes Andi when he says those two little words too. On his Twitter on Monday, he shared a tweet that might make Andi’s anger rise.

Is he poking fun? Is his tweet a little slam?

Earlier this month, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray appeared on the red carpet for The Bachelor premiere as a couple, but news broke later that same week that the couple was breaking up.

Andi has leaned on her friends and family since the split. In recent days, she spent time with some of her girls, and she danced it out to Taylor Swift. Those friends are gone now, and Andi is left home alone and sad.

Juan Pablo knows all about splits post-ABC. His relationship with Nikki Ferrell ended late last year. Chris Harrison tried to get the inside scoop on the reasons for the split from Nikki on the night of The Bachelor premiere, but she was not willing to bash Juan Pablo on air. Harrison realized after the fact that the interview was not one of his best moments, according to a previously released report from the Inquisitr.

Chris Harrison has not hidden how he feels about Juan Pablo Galavis. The host was not happy with Juan Pablo after he would not answer any of the host’s questions on the night of the finale for his season. According to a Wetpaint Entertainment report, Harrison made it clear how he feels about Juan Pablo in a recent interview.

“I know everyone is gravitating toward the anti-Juan Pablo stuff, but honestly I didn’t give him a second thought after the final rose ceremony. We were done with him, and he was done with us and going another way and he wasn’t going to be part of The Bachelor family and that’s fine. We were more than happy to move on.”

Juan Pablo is just as done with The Bachelor. He is not watching Chris Soules and his journey to find love at all, according to She Knows.

What do you think about Juan Pablo Galavis’ tweet to Andi Dorfman?

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