Unidentified ‘Device’ Discovered On White House Lawn [Breaking]

The New York Times is reporting that an unidentified “device” has been recovered from the grounds of the White House lawn early Monday morning. The news, which has been confirmed by a spokesperson for President Obama added that the device posed no threat to security. It is unclear what the device is and how it reached the lawns of the White House.

Meanwhile, in a statement by the White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that Secret Service agents are still investigating the matter and are checking the device to ascertain its origins. There is however speculation about the device being some sort of a drone. Earnest however did say that he is not aware of the device is indeed a drone. Meanwhile, NBC News reported that a swarm of emergency vehicles were seen outside the White House following the discovery of the unidentified device. Some even tweeted about the discovery.

The incident posed no threat to President Obama or the First Lady because the duo are currently on a three-day trip to India. Earlie today, President Obama attended India’s Republic Day celebrations as the chief guest in New Delhi alongwith Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi amidst tight security. However, the President’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha are still in Washington. It is unclear however if they were in the White House at the time of this incident.

Over the past few months there have been several reports of various kinds of security breaches at the White House. Back in August 2014, things started on a mild note after a toddler managed to break through the White House fence– but not before alarming Secret Service officers. Later, in September 2014, a man identified as Omar Gonzalez was able to make it deep in to White House lawns before being overpowered by security officials. The rise in such breach of security had prompted the Secret Service to review its security measures at the White House as well. This latest discovery of an unidentified device is only going to raise doubts about the effectiveness of the renewed security measures in place.

President Obama in the meantime is expected to visit Saudi Arabia on January 27 while on his way back to Washington.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]