Koch Brothers Listen To Rubio, Paul & Cruz Ask For Permission To Run For President

On Sunday evening, three potential presidential candidates appeared before the almighty Koch brothers in California to ask for their blessing… and money. A lot of money.

The Koch brothers put together the gathering, inviting wealthy donors to a luxury resort near Palm Springs. The event was sealed off from outsiders, as Republican Senators Marco Rubio from Florida, Rand Paul from Kentucky and Ted Cruz from Texas came to request permission to run for President of the United States from the Koch Brothers.

Charles and David Koch are both successful industrialists who support and bankroll conservative causes in America. Access to their billions of dollars is almost necessary in the 21st Century to launch a successful Republican presidential campaign. The Koch brothers run a private network that has donated hundreds of millions of dollars in recent elections. They are in possession of a donor list that is extremely wealthy and scenting a Republican win for the White House in 2016 like a shark scents blood.

Senator’s Rubio, Cruz and Paul discussed both domestic and foreign policy with members of the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce – a non-profit organization that is backed by the Koch brothers. Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce is like other Koch brothers political fundraising entities in that it’s structured under the U.S. tax code so that their donors, and how much many they give to any candidate, is never disclosed.

Though the press was not allowed access to the meetings, excerpts of a speech given by Charles Koch to the attendees was handed out, in which the billionaire reportedly said, “The struggle for freedom never ends.”

This past weekend marked the point when the nomination for the next republican presidential candidate kicked off in earnest. In Iowa on Saturday, eight potential nominees made their cases for an executive bid including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and a rambling, largely incoherent speech from Sarah Palin which led many to wonder if she was prepared for the event.

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chris Christie, the Republican New Jersey Governor, had formed a political action committee – a move that is seen as a major step to a presidential run.

Possibly the most serious contenders for a presidential run in the next election, however, weren’t in California or Iowa this weekend. Florida Governor Jeb Bush and former Republican nominee Mitt Romney say they’re both looking at a run for the White House.

[Image via ObamaCareFacts]