Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Is The Duchess Having A Prince Or A Princess?

With Kate Middleton entering the sixth month of her second pregnancy, the usual speculation and rumors have abounded in the media, regarding whether the Duchess of Cambridge will be gracing the world with a baby prince or princess.

Some reports, like one from Hello! Magazine last week, allege that it’s almost a foregone conclusion that Kate is having a girl, but that is mainly based on a mixture of speculation, old wives’ tales and perhaps some wishful thinking.

After all, wouldn’t it be ideal if Kate Middleton and husband Prince William had a baby girl, to be a little sister for Prince George?

According to Cathy Ranson, editor-in-chief of Netmums, a UK based parenting website, Kate may well be pregnant with a baby girl,

“The Duchess of Cambridge is one of those lucky women who look effortless and elegant right through pregnancy. She remained very slender while carrying Prince George, almost right up to the end, but with her second child, she appears slightly softer, curvier and fuller in the face. And according to old wives’ tales about pregnancy, this could indicate she’s carrying a girl.Recent pictures show the Duchess looking blooming with more rounded hips than her previous pregnancy, which is another so-called sign.”

Then again, Zita West, who is also a self-confessed pregnancy expert, claims that Kate’s changing body shape has nothing to do with the baby’s gender and more to do with the fact it’s her second child, “Kate does look bigger, but most mothers carry differently in the second pregnancy because you have softer muscle tone from having had the first baby.”

Whether Kate Middleton is having a baby boy or a girl, one thing is for sure, the royal baby is certainly very active and according to the Duchess, “It’s moving all the time,” as she told a local teen during a recent visit to the new Kensington Leisure Center, “I can feel it kicking now.”

No doubt, there will be a lot more speculation regarding the gender of the forthcoming royal baby, with many hoping that it will be a little princess, perhaps one that looks like her mother.