Americans Try Israeli Snacks [Video]

Seriously, is there something BuzzFeed staffers haven’t tried yet? They’ve tasted Filipino delicacies, tried Japanese and Korean treats, and now, they’re getting their hands on on some goodies from Israel.

In this video, which has attracted more than one million views since Friday last week, our good friends from BuzzFeed try and react to some of the yummiest Israeli favorites, including Bamba peanut snacks and Bissli Falafel. Enjoy!

Buzzfeed has been running an “Americans Try [Insert Country]’s Snacks” series for years now. Here are some of the foods they’ve featured over the years.

As a Filipino, this got me craving for some Haw Haw goodness.

For those (like myself) who visit Korean grocery stores very often, Misubong fish sausage is always part of the cart.

Seriously, that “Indian Coca-Cola” looks really refreshing.

[Image from YouTube]