Texas Man Mistakes Son For Burglar, Shoots Him In The Eye

A Texas man could face charges after he shot his own son in the eye. The man, whose name has not been revealed yet, is a resident of Shamrock in Southeast Houston. According to KHOU-TV, the incident reportedly happened on the morning of January 25 at around 5:30 in the morning. Initial reports say that the man mistook his own son for a burglar and fired at him. The shooting, according to authorities, happened in the front room of the house.

According to Manuel Campos, a neighbor who lives across the street where the unfortunate incident took place, he was startled by the loud noise early in the morning.

“I just woke up in the middle of the night and I just heard something loud.”

According to the Star Telegram, other neighbors from the area said that the people who lived in the house had moved in just a few months ago and that they were a quiet bunch of people and did not seem to be trouble-makers. However, another neighbor, who was from the same area, said that he had seen police officers arrive near the house on two occasions in the past. He recalled that on one occasion, a fight had broken out near the parking lot of a bar located not far from the house where this shooting incident took place.

Meanwhile, the injured son was taken to the Ben Taub General Hospital. His condition is reported to be serious, but stable. Doctors have confirmed that the man was shot in the eye. The extent of his injuries have not been revealed yet.

Police officials have, in the meantime, taken the father of the injured man into custody. He was seen leaving the home in handcuffs. At this moment, it is not clear if charges would be filed against the man. Officials are reportedly still questioning the man to learn the circumstances in which the shooting took place.

The news of this father shooting and injuring his son comes just a few weeks after the Inquisitr reported about another case of an unfortunate shooting incident. In that case, a soldier at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was shot in the chest by his own wife. Like in this case, the wife too thought that her husband (who was actually trying to give her a surprise breakfast), was a burglar. Police continue to investigate that case, as well.

[Image via KHOU-TV]