Pack Feeding: Man Shows What Good Dog Behavior Looks Like

The video shows a pack of at least 12 dogs preparing for mealtime. Unlike the chaotic feeding frenzy common to many dogs, each member of the pack sits quietly, waiting attentively for their owner to put food in each dish.

One dog, a particularly large Rottweiler, has a few moments of weakness, nearly eating early, but the pooch restrains itself.

Each dish is placed before a dog in the pack, and the owner gives the OK for mealtime to start.

One adorable little puppy is left behind, until the owner finally pushes one last dish in front of the young dog.

As previously covered by the Inquisitr, dog packs can often do amazing things. A family of Rottweilers rescued an elderly woman who was trapped outside for 15 hours.

The Mirror reported that David Malt and his nephew, Jack, were walking their four giant Rottweilers, when the dogs suddenly took off away from the owners.

“They bounded over the field when they were let off the lead. My son said to his uncle ‘there’s something over there.’ It was the female dog who started licking her and refused to leave her side until my son and his uncle arrived… If my son and brother in law hadn’t have walked their dogs at that time, it might have been a very different outcome for the lady. I don’t think she would have survived.”

Whether it’s good manners at dinner time or saving someone’s life, dogs can do amazing things.

[Image Credit: YouTube]