Michael Clifford, Abigail Breslin Twitter War Will Make You Lose Faith In Today’s Generation

Michael Clifford, of the band 5 Seconds of Summer, and actress Abigail Breslin aren’t terribly fond of one another.

That’s something you would know if you’d been following their ongoing war since December, like the Inquisitr has.

When the two split up, Abby apparently wrote a song that was about Michael entitled, “You Suck.” Unlike Taylor Swift, Breslin is not as good at disguising whom she’s singing about in a song about broken love.

Fans of Michael Clifford immediately got the reference and started to make some of the most vile death threats you’ve ever read (on Twitter, of course).

Abby shared some of the saltier selections through a series of retweets.

While it’s depressing enough that the youth of America (maybe even the world) are stupid enough to say things like this, perhaps the more depressing thing is how they reacted to Clifford’s “comeback” issued on January 24 that was apparently supposed to be “epic,” “witty,” and “hilarious.”

Just what sort of brilliance did the boy come up with?

Well, you probably know where I’m going with all this since it’s the image I went with above, but here’s the tweet for good measure.

While Clifford may not have been going for anything profound or witty when he said that, his sycophants pretty much wet themselves over it.


It’s depressing being a parent these days, knowing your small child will one day be old enough to brush shoulders with this level of ignorance.

Why is this a news story? Well, for one, it isn’t. It’s an opinion piece. And the only reason it’s worth mentioning is because of the level of stupidity involved and how it may one day spill into the lives of our children.

Let’s hope those of you with babies and little kids do a better job of raising your kids than the generation that gave us Bieber, Twitter wars, and the resurgence of the boy band.

What do you think about Michael Clifford and his epic Twitter comeback? Worthy of the 1,471 retweets or more reason to lose hope in the younger generation?

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