Emma Watson’s New Initiative For Gender Equality Unveiled At Davos

Emma Watson used her position as U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador to launch the HeForShe campaign last September. The campaign has been an enormous success according to the actress, and she went to Davos to tell the world about the latest HeForShe initiative: IMPACT 10x10x10.

According to Independent.ie, IMPACT 10x10x10 will fight for long-term positive change for women through engagement with universities, corporations, and governments.

The pilot program will engage with 10 governments, 10 universities, and 10 corporations to test their approaches to addressing gender inequality, and identify successful models.

Sportact reports that the initiative is bringing in high-profile names from world politics and business, including Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands; President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone; Prime Minister Stefan Löfven of Sweden; and Mr. Paul Polman, CEO and Chairman of Unilever.

Emma Watson spoke with passion for the program at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“The groundswell of response we have received in support for HeForShe tells us we are tapping into what the world wants: to be a part of change. Now we have to channel that energy into purposeful action. The pilot initiative provides that framework. Next we need all country leadership, as well as that of hundreds of universities and corporations to follow HeForShe’s IMPACT 10x10x10 so as to bring an end to the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally.”

Harry Potter star Emma Watson became famous for her work with the U.N. after making another emotional speech last September at the launch of the HeForShe campaign.

For this new initiative, Emma Watson called on members of every profession and section of society to do their part in fighting gender inequality.

“Girls who have been your mentors, parents did you make sure you treated your children equally, if so how have you done it?

“Husbands have you been supporting your female partners privately so that she can fulfill her dreams too?

“Young men, have you spoken up in a conversation where a woman was degraded or dismissed. How did this affect you? How did this affect the woman you stepped up for?

“Businessmen: Have you mentored, supported or engaged women in leadership positions?

“Writers: have you challenged the language and imagery used to portray women in the media?

“CEOs: Have you implemented the women’s empowerment principles in your own company? What change have you seen?”

More information about Emma Watson’s Impact 10x10x10 program and the HeForShe campaign can be found here.

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