Matthew Warner: California Man Allegedly Killed His Three-Week-Old Daughter

Matthew Warner, a 30-year-old man from Newhall, Santa Clarita, was arrested by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials on suspicion of the murder of his own daughter. According to ABC 7 News, Warner was arrested after the body of the three-week-old infant was found on Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, a report by KTLA 5 adds that the body of the little girl was found inside a Nissan pickup truck parked in a parking lot near Newhall Avenue at around 8 a.m. local time, Saturday. The truck was found nearly half a mile away from the home where the infant lived with her mother, father, and grandmother.

Earlier, the parents of the child, Warner and his wife, had approached the Santa Clarita Valley Station on Friday at around 9:35 p.m. to report that their daughter had gone missing. According to Lt. Holly Francisco of the Los Angeles County Police Department, following the information, several people from multiple sheriff’s stations were involved in a night-long search for the baby. They were aided by canine units, as well. The search contingent consisted of more than 50 deputies, two helicopters, and several dogs.

“Deputies acted on that, got detectives involved and they searched throughout the night. They searched the hills. They searched everywhere around, tried to contact as many people as possible.”

The neighbors of the family too chipped in.

“We all live there and we’re pretty familiar with the layout of the land up there. We were trying to look in places where we were gonna hide something,” a neighbor identified as Ed Griffin said.

They all, however, were shocked by the recovery of the child’s body the next morning. The child was found at the front of the pickup truck. Authorities now believe that the child’s father, Matthew Warner, is the murderer. They are, however, mum as to why they believe that the infant was killed by her own father. Warner’s arrest was also based on a neighbors revelation that he saw Warner leave the apartment complex, where the baby lives, with a small bundle on the night the baby went missing. Also, the fact that Warner already has a criminal history adds to the suspicion.

Authorities have not yet revealed how the baby was killed by Matthew Warner. The baby’s mother is distraught and is not a suspect. She is reportedly cooperating with the investigation. The news of this alleged killing of one’s own child comes days after the Inquisitr had reported how a father threw his five-year-old daughter off a bridge to kill her.

[Image via KTLA]