2015 Northeast Blizzard: Massive Snowfall Totals Expected In New England, Storm Cancellations And Travel Delays Begin

Winter Storm Juno is headed for the Northeast, with epic snowfall totals expected. Up to two feet of snow is expected in, with blizzard conditions expected from New York City to Boston and all the way up to Maine starting on Monday and continuing on right through to Tuesday.

How much snow is expected and when will it start? Storm cancellations and parking bans are already starting, with airport cancellations expected over the next 24 hours. AccuWeather reports that snow will start falling early on Monday, and will be enough to disrupt the morning commute around Philadelphia and New York City. The storm will travel up the coast and into New England, hitting Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine Monday night and into Tuesday.

Weather Channel meteorologist Tom Moore states that this will be a “historic” storm, one that will be talked about as much as the infamous Blizzard of ’78.

“This is going to be a big one, historic. There could be paralyzing, crippling blizzard conditions. They’re going to be talking about this one for a while.”

The Weather Channel reports that snow accumulations of 18 to 24 inches should be the norm in the upper Northeast and New England. Heavy snow and strong winds will make driving almost impossible starting on Monday and right into Tuesday. Power outages are expected.

Areas in and around major cities, including New York City, Hartford, Providence, Boston, and Bangor, should expect massive snowfall totals, with 12 to 18 inches expected along the coast and 18 to 24 inches forecast in the interior sections.

“This could turn out to be the biggest storm of the winter for many areas in the Northeast. Over a foot of snow is forecast to fall in New York City and Albany, New York; Hartford, New Haven and Stamford, Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; Boston, Worcester, Springfield and New Bedford, Massachusetts; Manchester, Concord and Portsmouth, New Hampshire; and Portland, Augusta and Bangor, Maine.”


School and business cancellations have already started. Check the websites of your local news stations for the latest updates. Many schools have text-enabled cancellation alerts, but the forecast already indicates that there will be no school in many areas of New England early in the week.

Plan for travel delays and flight cancellations in and out of New York City and the New England states starting on Monday. Contact your airline for updated flight information.

Check for flight delays and cancellations at NY’s Laguardia Airport here and JFK Airport here. Find flight cancellation information for Logan Airport, Boston here. In Rhode Island, check the TF Greene Airport home page for all flight arrivals, departures, cancellations and delays. Check for AMTRAK cancellations and delays here.

[Image: Weather Channel]