Man Accidentally Wins $10 Million Lottery, His Story May Surprise You

One man recently won $10 million after playing the Massachusetts lottery. Of course, winning the lottery is always amazing because it’s a feat only accomplished by chance. But one man’s story is a bit different from most others, because he won “accidentally.” Since the odds of winning a staggering $10 million is one in 5,040,000, it’s probably safe to say the man’s win was fate. However, he insists the series of events that led to the win were all the result of an accident.

According to Metro, Richard Noll actually had no intentions of playing the lottery. As a matter of fact, he only purchased the two $20 Platinum Millions scratch game tickets from Lanzilli Groceria in East Boston to break a $100.00 bill.

He explained that he only wanted to make change for the large bill to purchase a sandwich for lunch. Surprisingly, he gained much more than the $40.00 he spent. According to CBS Boston, Noll has opted to receive a one-time payout of an estimated $6.5 million after taxes.


On Tuesday, January 20, Noll and his wife arrived at the Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. Lottery officials have stated that Noll is the third winner of the Platinum Millions lottery since it was launched in 2013. The grocery store that sold the winning ticket will also receive a $50,000 commission for the sale.

Noll revealed that he and his wife would like to purchase a new home and that they plan to invest some of the money from their windfall. But, most importantly he and his wife want to take their granddaughter on a vacation to Disney World.

Although there are many people who refuse to play the lottery because the chances of winning are slim, Richard Noll may make some think twice about purchasing a lottery ticket on a whim!

[Image via Massachusetts State Lottery]