Josh Duggar Speaks At Pep Rally, Reflects On Time Spent On Rick Santorum’s Campaign

The Duggar family is known for their conservative Christian values; however, many people do not realize how actively involved the whole Duggar clan is with various political campaigns. Josh Duggar recently spoke at a pep rally prior to the March For Life in Washington D.C. and discussed the Duggar family’s close ties with Senator Rick Santorum.

It should come as no surprise that the Duggar family is heavily involved in conservative politics as Jim Bob Duggar served as a legislator in the Arkansas House of Representatives from 1999-2002. Jim Bob also had a failed run for a seat in the Arkansas Senate. However, according to an archived copy of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Jim Bob and his “Ken doll hair” only had 13 children at that time. The report also helps shed light on interesting aspects of Jim Bob’s past that may help account for his interest in politics. Jim Bob noted that when his family was still small and the Duggars were living in a home at their used car lot, Jim Bob was victim of an armed robbery. Duggar was gagged and bound. Jim Bob says the incident gave him an “overtime” perspective of his life.

“I feel like I’m living on overtime… politics is nothing.”

It seems his oldest son, Josh Duggar, is following in his footsteps. Josh plays an active role as Executive Director for Family Research Group’s legislative affiliate, FRC Action. FRC claims to promote “traditional family values,” and supports many causes that are close to the Duggars’ hearts such as pro-life rallies.

In the video above, Josh is speaking at the March for Life rally and discusses the Duggar family’s close relationship with Senator Rick Santorum. The Duggar family has also worked heavily with other conservative politicians like Mike Huckabee and Asa Huchinson. In the video, Josh notes that the family spent their own time and money to support Santorum because they believed in his cause. They even made their own signage to help with the Senator’s campaign.

Does anything in the video surprise you about the Duggar family or Josh Duggar? Did you realize the Duggar family was so heavily involved in political campaigns?

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