ISIS Continues To Take A Beating As Kurdish Forces Fire Rockets Into Mosul, Backed By US-Led Air Strikes

Kurdish forces fighting ISIS (also know as the Islamic State) around the strategic city of Mosul, Iraq, fired rockets into the city for the first time since fighting began, reportedly lobbing the rockets into a meeting being conducted by the ISIS Islamic terrorist group, according to a report from Reuters.

ISIS first stormed into Mosul last summer, taking over the city located in Northern Iraq as part of their wider campaign, which captured huge areas of both Syria and Iraq. The group also subjected the residents of those areas to barbaric ISIS tactics of torture, crucifixions, beheadings, rape, and the murders of countless women and children.

Kurdish military sources said Saturday that they launched 20 Grad missiles into Mosul on Friday toward Mosul’s Zuhour neighborhood. The target of the missiles was based on intelligence information that ISIS militants were gathering there for what the terrorists thought would be a clandestine meeting.

Instead, the Mosul meeting of ISIS militants took a direct hit from the Kurdish missiles.

“We hit their (ISIS) positions,” said Captain Shivan Ahmed, a member of the Kurdish fighting unit that fired the rockets.

The Kurdish forces launched the rockets from 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Mosul.

Kurdish rocket launch at ISIS
A Kurdish security vehicle fires a multiple rocket salvo at ISIS militant positions.

An unnamed senior Kurdish military source posted a statement on the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s official website, saying the Missile attack on ISIS in Mosul had “struck great fear into the hearts of the terrorists.”

While Kurdish officials said their missile strikes were a success and had hit their intended ISIS target, some alleged residents of Mosul told Reuters that three civilians were killed in the Kurdish attack. Reuters was not able to independently verify either account.


For their part, the ISIS publicity team, often described as “slick,” posted pictures of a girl laying in a hospital bed, allegedly wounded by Kurdish peshmerga fighters.

Concerns about targeting ISIS inside Mosul include inadvertently killing innocent civilians, which is why U.S.-led airstrikes have focused on ISIS targets outside of Mosul, but rarely inside the city.

Meanwhile, U.S.-led forces have been smacking ISIS militants again and again with unrelenting air strikes in Iraq to support the Kurdish fighting forces as they push their offensive against the ISIS jihadists in Mosul, reports AFP.

The U.S. military said Saturday that the U.S.-led air campaign against ISIS had conducted 46 bombing raids in the last 72 hours, in support of Kurdish forces near Mosul.

[Images via Reuters and Google Images]