Dwarf Stripper Kat Hoffman Hearing Wedding Bells With 6-Foot Fiance

Dwarf stripper Kat Hoffman wants you to understand that there are people who are going to laugh at her performances. This particular dwarf stripper doesn’t really mind, as she calls herself a “smile producer” rather than an exotic dancer. Still, it was Kat Hoffman’s work as a dwarf stripper that helped her find the love of her life in fiance Eich Bushner, who just happens to be a six-foot tall member of the armed forces.

Kat Hoffman hasn’t always known she wanted to be a dwarf stripper. According to the Huffington Post, she found her given profession quite by accident. Kat Hoffman went to a strip club with a number of her friends. Before too long, she had actually decided to join in on the fun.

“By the end of the night, I was on stage in the nude,” Kat Hoffman said.

It was this night that her career as a dwarf stripper was born.

Kat Hoffman said she now gets to decide when and how people look at her, a distinct change from early in her life when she had to deal with any number of bullies who were always singling her our because of her diminutive stature. Kat Hoffman found her career as a dwarf stripper at the age of 18, and the now 26-year-old has been making quite a nice amount of money ever since. Hoffman says that her mother actually makes the outfits she performs in, and Kat says that, for the most part, her family is quite supportive of her decision to become a dwarf stripper.

There is one family member who does not seem to like the idea of being a dwarf who is a stripper as a career choice. Her sister believes that people are not going to see her perform, but rather to laugh and point at her. For her part, this is where the idea of being a “smile producer” comes from. The young dancer believes that it doesn’t matter why they come, as long as they come.

This line of work is also how she was able to meet her fiance, army sergeant Eich Bushner. Bushner saw photos of the performer online and wanted to meet her. Now engaged, the couple admit that the height difference can present problems, but not enough that it gets in the way of their romance. As for her performing, Kat Hoffman has said she isn’t going to be a dwarf stripper for much longer, having put a five-year limit on the rest of her career.