Carnell Alexander: Detroit Man Could Be Headed To Jail For $30K In Unpaid Child Support — For Child That’s Not His

Carnell Alexander could be headed to jail over more than $30,000 in unpaid child support, only there’s one hitch — the child isn’t his.

The Detroit man learned years ago that an ex had listed him as the father so she could sign up for welfare, which prompted the state of Michigan to seek him out for child support. The state claims it notified Carnell of a paternity hearing, and when he didn’t show up, the state declared that he was the father.

But there is the other problem — Alexander never got that notice. In fact, at the time the court claimed he received the petition, Alexander was actually in prison serving a sentence for an earlier crime.

As 7News in Detroit noted, Carnell Alexander tried to clear up the issue once he found out about it, but was told by a judge that he was too late. He was stuck with a $30,000 child support bill for a child he never fathered or even knew about.

“A child that I did not father, that I did not biologically create, that I was not involved in raising,” said Carnell. “It is not fair.”

What makes the case even more infuriating for Alexander is the fact that he got a DNA test proving he’s not the father. The biological father was actually involved in the child’s life, but because the state pursued Alexander, he was never approached for child support.

Others have stepped in to try to help Carnell Alexander. The child’s mother — who said she never intended for any of this to happen — tried to petition the court to drop the charges. They forgave her portion of the child support bill, but still wanted to go after Carnell for his share.

Carnell Alexander turned himself into police on Friday and said he’s prepared to go to jail to point out the absurdity of the matter.

“I will go to jail if I have to because I am tired of the mishandling of the case,” said Carnell.

Carnell Alexander won’t go to jail just yet for the $30,000 in child support. After he turned himself in on Friday, a judge suspended the case to give Alexander a chance to prove that the child isn’t his.