‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe On Virginity: ‘I Was Mad That No One Would Give It A Rest’

Sean Lowe had two opportunities to find true love on reality television. First, he was one of Emily Maynard’s suitors on The Bachelorette. Then he had his own bevy of women who strove to be his wife on The Bachelor. Lowe chose his Bachelor bride, Catherine Giudici, and eventually married her as part of an ABC special.

In a new memoir, Lowe spills on his life as The Bachelor and the one thing that got on his nerves: questions about his sex life. Lowe was raised a Baptist and was not promiscuous, an important piece of information during his Bachelor season. It was not something Lowe liked to discuss at length, however.

“Not having sex until marriage was not the defining aspect of my life or personality. It was simply the one that garnered the most headlines. I was mad that no one would give it a rest. Every interview was all about sex, all the time.”

Time reported that Lowe and Giudici announced they would not have sex until their wedding night. Lowe had been celibate since the age of 24, six years prior to his union with Giudici. As Time described it, producers of The Bachelor “fanned the flames” of the celibacy issue, going so far as to live stream the honeymoon suite during the wedding ceremony.

In Lowe’s memoir, he also admits to reservations about the Bachelor model for finding a life partner, stating simply: “Did I really believe this was the best way to meet women? No.” Apparently he will not fess up to being interested in reality programming, although he says in college he would get caught up watching television, mentioning a PBS program on African wildebeests.

The couple married on January 26. Giudici, now Catherine Lowe, tweeted an Instagram pic yesterday of the couple heading off to enjoy their anniversary. She added the caption: “Let the anniversary adventure begin!”

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici
'Bachelor' couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici celebrate anniversary (Photo credit: Catherine Lowe/Instagram)

On a recent blog post in advance of his anniversary, Lowe outlined 10 things he’s learned since tying the knot to Giudici. Among them, the fact that the reality-show-heavy Bravo channel will always be on in his home because his wife enjoys it. In return, Catherine watches football.

The new season of The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC. The new season features Chris Soules, also a former Bachelorette contestant. Soules is nicknamed “Prince Farming” because of his small-town Iowa roots.

[Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe image: ABC ]