‘The Following’ Season 3 Spoilers: ‘A New Chapter,’ Mike’s ‘Drive for Revenge’ And The New Big Bad

Ready for more scares and serial killers on your TV this spring? That’s what The Following season 3 will bring, even though there is at least one significant change: Ryan Hardy is happy and in a new relationship.

TVGuide.com has posted teases and a sneak peek for The Following season 3, and it offers enough of a look at new scenes to leave you wanting more, in addition to providing some background information from series stars Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore and Jessica Stroup about what’s coming up for their characters.

“The first two seasons were in some ways one chapter, the Joe chapter, and then starting in season 3, we’re starting a new chapter,” Bacon shared in the video.

Because it’s a new chapter, that means that you don’t necessarily have to have watched the first two seasons to get into the show this March. According to Bacon, what’s coming is something that all fans – old and new – will enjoy.

“For people that haven’t watched the show, I think it will be an easy show to jump into. Really, really scary bad guys, complicated characters. For the people that are already fans of the show, we will continue to deliver the scares and for the characters you love, those of us who are left standing will be there but there’s also a lot of really interesting new characters that are bringing a lot of life. It’s exciting.”

Meanwhile, season 2 may have seen a spark between Mike and Max (who is now an FBI agent), but in the new season of The Following, they won’t be together and she’ll have a new boyfriend, Tom. Ashmore explained that that’s because of his need for revenge.

“A major drive for Mike this season is sort off the revenge aspect that started in Season 2. Most of the Gray family is dead, but there is still one elusive twin floating around. His drive for revenge has sort of driven a wedge between Max and Mike, but the flame still burns.”

Meanwhile, Joe Carroll may be back in a jail cell, but that just means The Following can introduce new villains, and Ashmore spoke to TVLine about the new Big Bad, played by Michael Ealy.

“We cannot find a chink in the armor, we cannot find a weakness. It’s a totally different take on the extremely evil, powerful, demented villain.”

For a further look at the new season of The Following, watch the promo below. It shows Ryan happy in his new relationship and Mike seeing Max with her new boyfriend, and it teases the newest horror in Ryan’s life.

The Following season 3 will air Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox beginning March 9 (with a two-hour premiere on March 2), taking over the time slot from Sleepy Hollow, which will be airing 18 episodes this season, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via Fox]