YouTube Stars Interview President Obama, One Mentions His ‘First Wife,’ Things Get Weird [Video]

As the final days of President Obama’s presidency wind down, he is focusing his efforts on connecting with a younger audience and persuade them to think of him when they arrive at the polls, and maybe vote for the Democrats that will follow his lead. As he searched for the best way to reach the younger voters and future voters, he decided to be interviewed by some of YouTube’s most iconic celebrities. So, he met up with GloZell Green, Bethany Mota, and one of the two VlogBrothers in what may be the weirdest interviews he has held to date.

During the three separate interviews, President Obama was asked some questions that he hears all the time, such as queries regarding increased racial tension, free community college education, and the use of unmanned drones. However, other questions were completely different that what the President is used to and threw him off guard a bit.

Hank Greem, of the VLogBrothers, was the least weird of the interviewers, according to Mahsable. He asked fairly typical questions and spent some time focusing on the use of drones. The response from President Obama was fairly typical, stating that the use of drones needs to be taken seriously.

“It’s something that we take very seriously, and I would argue that today’s technologies enable us to defend ourselves causing less damage to communities than they’ve done in the past.”

Bethany Mota’s questions were only slightly weird, asking what Superpower the President would like to have. He responded that he would love to be able to fly. However, according to CNN, he added that the ability to speak any foreign language would be a great power to have.

Of all the interviews, GloZell’s took the weirdest turn. She is known for being a little wacky online and sitting in front of the President did not change that. She took a stab at asking about Policies in relation to the United States and Cuba, stating that Castro “puts the d*** in dictatorship.” As if the statement did not make the interview uncomfortable enough, GloZell brought gifts for the special ladies in President Obama’s life, tubes of her iconic green lipstick. When offering the gift, she added that one was for Obama’s “first wife.” GloZell meant to say first lady, but President Obama took it in stride, asking her if she knew something he didn’t know.

Despite the weirdness, President Obama ended the interviews by taking a group selfie, proving that the entire session was a fun way to interact with the YouTube fan base.

[Photo Courtesy: CTV News]